Let’s do this deal in Mexico!

This has been an awesome experience for all of our Moffitt Wellness Retreat clients! 
Getting Lean, Healthy and Sober!!! 
Who says you can’t have it all? 
Doing this in Mexico has been incredible, away from the triggers and stresses of everyday life and no one has to know until your comfortable. 
Who wants to sit in group meetings all day? 
Lets get some Vitamin D and some much needed Rest and Relaxation! Through our medical detox program our clients’ safety and comfort are our number one concern. 
Moffitt Wellness Retreat offers Therapists, Wellness Coaches, Personal Trainers and so much more to aid you in a total Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness! 
Want to get your life back on track? 
Get Healthy, Clean and Sober in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! 



Life is full of choices but there comes a time that the choice makes us…

30 Days on one Journey of Recovery / One on One

Here at Moffitt Wellness Retreat we have the privilege of having our youngest person thus far. To see the transformation of a young, 26 year old man is so beautiful. All of the opportunities he now has in life without the use of drugs and alcohol is a such a life enhancing event. He’s gone from 122lbs to 140lbs with our specialized nutrition program and personal trainer and has gained much insite into his own addiction. He can now make the necessary and positive choices moving forward in his life! Most of us don’t get this opportunity at such a young age, so we’re really excited to be part of this young mans personal journey thru this important part of his Recovery! He will be staying with us for 60 days and is feeling better and more has more confidence than he has had in a long time. That’s what we’re here for, to show each person the benefits of a life free from drugs and alcohol. To show him what healthy CHOICES can do in his life and we pray that he stays on this path of Recovery after returning home. In his own words… He’s Got This : )

Whether you are struggling with substance abuse, destructive life styles caused by addiction or just need to find yourself again, a wonderful journey awaits you here…

It’s never too late to live the life YOU deserve. 
Call us toll free at 713.907.5632, or contact our founder, Roy Moffitt directly at roy@moffittwellnessretreat.com

‘Being Content’

‘Being 53 and looking back on a life that was full of everything that I could have ever wanted, but always having that feeling of wanting more, is a pretty sad existence. Understand, there’s nothing wrong if a person can add enough value to Corporate America and as a result makes lots of money! 
It isn’t a bad thing at all! 
That’s just the monetary system we live in and as a result, the way we have always kept score. But in my own personal case, everything I ever wanted I got but was never content for over 24 hours, and that’s a stretch! From building a tree house for 3 weeks and playing in it for 15 minutes to acquiring homes in various locations in 2 countries and building many businesses, then selling them, I was still never content! 
What happened? 
Where and when did the ‘disconnect’ happen? 
There’s been many therapists look into just that and several opinions made, which are just what they are, opinions. 
I can now honestly say I have found slivers of contentment everyday. It feels awesome doing something in life that has a long term benefit for others and a feeling to it that is one like I have never felt. 
Being new on this journey of Living Life on Life’s Terms instead of trying to force an outcome, this is going to be a journey that I want to fully experience Drug and Alcohol Free!! 
Enjoying the process and looking forward to seeing where it leads! 
Having raised a family thru my many years of addiction is a pretty tragic journey that I pray everyone has begun healing from. 
‘Hurricane Roy’! 
Just like a hurricane that hits the coast and devastates a region and goes inland and dissipates! 
We absolutely must focus on the Family Dynamics in Recovery from our Addiction.
As recovering addicts and alcoholics, we are not only responsible for getting sober, but also cleaning up the destruction and damage from our past!
Now looking back I realize the truest joys in life were found in the journey not in any particular destination! 
That’s the part I’ve heard so many say that they weren’t present in there own life. 
Addiction ruined every win and made every loss worse! 
So what was the point? 
I guess it all got me to this point! Thank God!’

‘So why wait, do it now before the damage gets to a point that there’s no foundation left to rebuild on!’

– Roy Moffitt
Founder, Moffitt Wellness Retreat

New Year, Fresh Start!

It’s New Year’s resolution time and we are once again faced with yet another opportunity to make one and actually keep it!

It’s time to make a decision that can put you on a different path in life. Stop being dependent on Alcohol or Drugs, remove it from your life equation. Easy to say, right? We understand that doing it alone can be a difficult journey and are here when you’re ready. This can be the most life altering and beautiful journey for yourself and your loved ones. Make a resolution that will pay dividends in all aspects of our life, there’s no better time to make a fresh start than right now! Give yourself and your family a gift that will return you to the life that you once had, a life of actually being PRESENT! Alcohol and drug addiction is not a life sentence – it can be overcome. Look forward to a bright and promising New Year! Live a life with Purpose, we only get one shot at this deal!

Make 2014 the best year yet, ‘Disconnect from the chaos and connect to the serenity at Moffitt Wellness Retreat’.

Whether you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs, destructive life styles caused by addiction or just need to find yourself again, a wonderful journey awaits you at Moffitt Wellness Retreat…

Please contact us at 713-907-5632, in Puerto Vallarta 011-521-322-182-0845 or email roy@moffittwellnessservices.com 

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions in regards to discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living and designing a customized treatment plan that works for you.


Over Indulgence and the Holidays

The holidays are here, so what does that mean? Over indulge!! Many do it, but please remember that if you get to a point where the over indulging is year round and if it’s out of control, too frequent …. WAKE UP! Do a self evaluation and think of all the things in life you have to be thankful for. Alcohol or a little pill can take your life on a ride that, trust me, is a road of pain!! Make a better plan, different choices, monitor yourself and have a happy holiday!

When we gain too many pounds we go to the gym, dietician, nutritionist, doctors or all of the above, yet when we over indulge with the alcohol, we prefer to keep that problem to our self! There lies the problem – we can’t fix our problems with the same thinking that got us in the problem to begin with! Reach out to someone that understands addiction because they have been in your shoes regardless of the stage your drinking is in!

With Love,

Roy Moffitt

Nationally Certified Interventionist Practitioner & Nationally Certified Recovery Coachwww.moffittwellnessretreat.com


We’ve Got This!

I’ve always known that there’s something special about Puerto Vallarta, but now I’m totally convinced! In our research and development stages, we have successfully  treated a few people who reached out during a time of pain from Addiction. The result has been beautiful!

We have successfully worked with individuals suffering from Alcoholism to Opiate Addiction, not to mention the struggles associated with overall health conditions. Witnessing these individuals has given my team a tremendous amount of Hope for our future clients.  Hope for continued opportunities to restore the lives of the addict and help their families, who have also suffered greatly as a result of this disease of addiction.
A few of our guests have said that being able to do this in Puerto Vallarta feels as if they were cheating! All would say there is certainly something incredibly special and magical that this beautiful place on earth has to offer.  One thing I know for sure – we made the right choice!  
We are excited and proud to officially announce the opening of Moffitt Wellness Retreat! May healing and renewal continue to impact lives here.


A few words from Moffitt Wellness Retreat’s Founder, Roy Moffitt.

My personal journey – and a beautifully continuing one it is – turning toward a life of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery led me to envision a sanctuary for others seeking release from the clutches of addiction and chaos to live the life we all deserve.

So, I am privileged to have assembled a team of like-minded professionals committed to providing the most comprehensive and targeted recovery centre possible, one based on the latest recovery philosophies and practices, and in the most supportive and comfortable atmosphere.

The road to addiction recovery varies, but inevitably starts with the detoxification of the chemically ravaged body. From the moment a Moffitt guest arrives, our medical team evaluates and monitors this critical stage, ensuring safety and comfort through 24hour per day care with emphasis on rest, nutrition and fitness. Within days, the mental fog begins to lift.

When the detoxification process is complete, guests move to our main facility where the emotional and spiritual recovery from addiction begins. Here, you begin seeing our therapist and participating in daily group meetings as they rediscover confidence and passion for life through a myriad of self-directed and Centre-based activities.

Moffitt Wellness Retreat encourages simultaneous healing of the clients loved ones.Trained staff members, most of which have mastered their own recovery, are on hand to assist and initiate healing the pain and damage that addiction has caused between yourself and your loved ones.

We believe everyone’s journey into addiction – and out of it – is different, but its common problem is self-defeating behavior, not a moral deficiency. Our mission is to help our guests build a recovery foundation in our unique environment. Everyone deserves the opportunity to regain a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and our goal is to provide the tools to make that a reality.

Disconnect from chaos. Connect to serenity.

Moffitt Wellness Retreat. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Contact us today to begin your journey towards healing 713.907.5632

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