Over Indulgence and the Holidays

The holidays are here, so what does that mean? Over indulge!! Many do it, but please remember that if you get to a point where the over indulging is year round and if it’s out of control, too frequent …. WAKE UP! Do a self evaluation and think of all the things in life you have to be thankful for. Alcohol or a little pill can take your life on a ride that, trust me, is a road of pain!! Make a better plan, different choices, monitor yourself and have a happy holiday!

When we gain too many pounds we go to the gym, dietician, nutritionist, doctors or all of the above, yet when we over indulge with the alcohol, we prefer to keep that problem to our self! There lies the problem – we can’t fix our problems with the same thinking that got us in the problem to begin with! Reach out to someone that understands addiction because they have been in your shoes regardless of the stage your drinking is in!

With Love,

Roy Moffitt

Nationally Certified Interventionist Practitioner & Nationally Certified Recovery Coachwww.moffittwellnessretreat.com



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